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The story of three "Mexican sisters" breaking into the cannabis industry ends like a failed reality TV show, but it's not a fairy tale. A 30-hectare industrial park that will house 21 marijuana growers has been laid, according to a press release.

Victor Valley in the Mojave Desert, known as the northern region of the Inland Empire, is home to the largest concentration of marijuana growers in Southern California. It's a place far from poverty and dysfunction, with a population of about 1.5 million people, according to census data.

Now a sleepy San Bernardino County town is trying to establish itself as a hub for the state's largest medical and marijuana industry. It is the first heavily damaged desert city to use the weed - and all for economic reasons, reports the Los Angeles Times. The aging factory and warehouse will be transformed into a medical marijuana dispensary and other projects to support California's booming medical marijuana market.

The attraction is the first medical marijuana dispensary in the United States, a $1.5 million project in San Bernardino.

California will not begin issuing licenses for recreational marijuana cultivation until early next year, but a man who owns and operates a convenience store chain with his family in his Barstow area is considering joining the cannabis grower business and opening a local pharmacy to market and sell the product. Back at the Dope Cup, Justin caught up with some of his old friends from Doped Magazine, which recently merged with High Times. Today we drove to Adelanto where I took the opportunity to meet some of the vendors and was invited by locals to see the local goods. We wanted to see what other communities in the Salinas Valley have.

The company's business is under threat from a new California law that largely bars for-profit companies from operating prisons and detention facilities for immigrants in the state. As the industry expands as other states legalize marijuana, the strain on the U.S. electricity grid grows beyond what many communities can sustain actively, as seen in Desert Hot Springs. If more California communities suffering similar financial hardship join pot cultivation - as in the prisons of the 1990 "s - there will be an excess of legal marijuana flooding the market.

Within the city limits of Adelaide there are three prison complexes, each of which has its own population of inmates. The city's third detention center is the $1.2 million, four-story 1,000-bed Correctional Center, which opened in 2006 and houses an average of 2,500 inmates a day.

High School - Older students attend a variety of public schools in the city, including Phelan High School, which is located on the campus of Adelaide High School, a public high school with an average of 1,500 students. The station is provided by the Adelaide Police Department, as well as the South County Sheriff's Department and the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

Some residents identify as Mexican their ethnicity or ancestry, and some have their own culture, derived primarily from the neighborhood they call home. Likewise, every neighborhood in America has its own unique culture, some of which is more unique than others, based on the people who live in that neighborhood.

While the Kiowa and Comanche tribes shared territory in the southern plains, the Native Americans in the northwest and southeast were confined to the Indian territory of what is now Oklahoma, while in 1850 only about 1.5 percent of all North American natives lived west of the Mississippi.

Western developers and settlers could buy what was left of the area and push the indigenous people onto smaller plots of land. Gadsden's purchase led to the creation of more than 1,000 new Indian reservations, but America's expansion did not end there.

City officials originally planned to limit the number of commercial marijuana permits to six, but later decided to expand the zoning in response to market demand. Businesses must obtain permission from local authorities and the state to grow, test and sell cannabis, and none of the only activities must be approved by the city. The city will, of course, levy taxes on the sale of cannabis and other related products. This, in turn, is taxed on all cannabis activities within a city, including cultivation, transportation, testing and sale, according to the California Department of Public Health.

The only city in the area that has this is San Diego, a city of more than 1.5 million people, and Flores said they have embraced the cannabis industry in their area and, most importantly, have been very supportive of the industry. We also helped our viewers experience the most innovative events in cannabis culture, received growing tips directly from some of our most experienced growers, and took a first look at the state's new medical cannabis laws. Most importantly, we have created a business-friendly platform where we have the lowest cannabis rates in the entire state of California in all of the categories mentioned.

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More About Adelanto