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After the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines from around the world parked their fleets in the Californian desert. The parts were scrapped and served as the basis for a new generation of high-speed and low-cost aircraft such as the Boeing 737.

The Boneyard Airfield is located on the west side of Highway 58, south of the Mojave National Wildlife Refuge. Take Exit 151B, continue west on Highway 58, turn left at the intersection of Interstate 15 and Interstate 10, and head east on I-10 until you get to the town of Mojaves. Turn left on Interstate 80, take Exit 172, turn right on US Highway 395 and continue north on US 395 to the airport. · From: The south. As you approach town, exit Interstate 880 at the Interstate 40 exit, then turn south on State Route 395 and take Exit 172.

The airport is located on the west side of Highway 58, south of the Mojave National Wildlife Refuge, and the journey time is approximately 1: 30 a.m., depending on traffic. The airport was originally located at the southern end of Boneyard Airfield, about 30 miles north of Mojaves. From the South: The journey time was approximately 2: 45 - 3: 15, with traffic depending on Interstate 80 and State Route 395, or US 395 and Interstate 15, both to the north.

Also known as Victorville Airport, it was home to many airlines - including the San Bernardino County Airports Authority, the California Air National Guard and many other organizations. Most of the workers there are volunteers, but a small admission fee helps fund the restoration and maintenance projects for vintage aircraft. From the North: San Bernardino International Airport is located on the west side of Highway 58, south of the Mojave National Wildlife Refuge, about 20 miles north of Los Angeles.

Sprinkler system technicians have retrofitted more than 1,000 of the airport's fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and counting systems to save money and reduce costs.

Protect yourself by verifying that your fire and sprinkler business has the proper and active licenses for the specific sprinkler systems and systems in Adelanto. Fire protection systems may require you to perform similar fire protection tasks as the city of Adelsanto, such as fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire protection measures. It is up to you, the citizens, to practise fire safety and to comply with AdElanto's fire safety regulations in order to save lives. We enforce fire safety laws to protect our citizens from the dangers of fires and encourage you to drastically reduce the number and severity of fires and the material damage they cause, so that by applying fire safety and fire protection methods you not only meet the requirements but also save lives.

There are numerous opportunities and places for aviation enthusiasts to see and explore. The museum has an impressive collection of over 70 historic aircraft on display in hangars and outdoor galleries. The museum also houses an aviation history museum and a major exhibit on the history of the aviation industry in the United States.

The renegotiated GEO contract, Kerr said, means Adelanto now receives about $80,000 a month from the GOGO bed tax for its two facilities, one-eighth of the city's total budget. Last year, for example, sales were $1.5 million, 18 percent of which came from ICE, and it had no problem paying the higher rate. Kerr appreciates the city's partnership with the airport and local business and tourism industry.

But unlike most local officials I've spoken to, he didn't want to focus on the role of the police. Adelanto's prison plays a role in the city's economy. Instead, most of the time - long conversations - revolved around what he saw as the city's long-term goal of transforming it from a city with a prison down and - out of prison - into a city with a prison up and down.

The Mojave Aerospace Port is located in Adelanto, just a few kilometers north of the city's main airport. The facility was on the site of a former US Air Force base, but has since been closed, and the Mojaves Air & Space Port is now on the site of the former San Bernardino Air Force Base.

A few years later, GEO Group, a private prison company based in Florida, offered to buy the old Adelanto Community Correctional Facility for $28 million. In 2006, two more prisons were built within the city limits of Adelsanto, and in 2009 another prison was built. Meanwhile, GEE Group has submitted a plan to expand the Adelantos Detention Facility to 1,940 beds, making it the largest prison in the state of California with an annual capacity of 2,000 beds.

Across the state, new for-profit immigrant detention facilities are springing up, bolstered by more and more government contracts. Over the next decade, that number rose to 25, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Guards carried out more than 1,000 hours of solitary confinement, in which inmates remained in their beds for days or weeks.

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